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When America Was Brave – The Rescue of Roger Locher

Before this president, when the United States was still the home of the brave, we did what we could to rescue those in distress. Watch this excellent video (8:44 minutes) about the efforts undertaken to rescue Roger Locher. This is the courage our present administration lacks entirely.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, Former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, Information Officer Sean Smith, as a citizen, I offer my apologies for the cowardice of the president at whose pleasure you served. Since you cannot, I will vote for you. I will vote against the narcissistic coward that left you to die alone in Benghazi.

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Remember Benghazi!

“Remember the Alamo!”  The battle cry at the Battle of San Jacinto.  The Alamo–where courageous men fought an unwinnable battle to the very end.

There is no courage to be found in our current administration.  The coward that currently holds the position of commander-in-chief left his men to die in the “Battle of Benghazi.”  If I were an ambassador in a dangerous region, or even a military man posted abroad, I would have to wonder now, if I came under attack, would I be left to die, too?

So November 6th, when you go to cast your ballot…

“Remember Benghazi!”