Death Threats OK with Twitter

In an e-mail sent to Twitter about @KillZimmerman and threats of murder, Twitter basically said it’s not against their rules.  Below is the message sent to Twitter and the reply:

##- Please type your reply above this line -##

BillyPilgrim727, Mar 29 03:56 pm (PDT):Hello,

When we receive reports of this nature, our first step is to make sure we are in contact with the person directly involved or someone legally authorized to act on their behalf. It’s a strict policy, and we have it in place to prevent false or unauthorized reports. We’ll help the individual as soon as we receive an authorized report from them or their representatives. If you are in contact with the subject of the account, you should ask them to file a ticket.

So you know, as a policy, we do not mediate content or intervene in disputes between users. This means that users are allowed to post potentially inflammatory content, provided that they do not violate the Twitter Rules (

Here is some additional information about dealing with bullying:

Thank you,

Twitter Trust and Safety

XXXXXXXX, Mar 29 01:00 pm (PDT):How can we help?: Receiving violent threats
Reported user(s): @KillZimmerman

Offensive Tweet:!/KillZimmerman/status/183989235022442498

How long ago did this begin?: At least 3 days
How many times has this happened?: I don’t know.
Blocked user(s): No

Description of problem: The threat isn’t against me, but @KillZimmerman is calling for the outright murder of George Zimmerman and saying that he might do it. I don’t care what you think about the Trayvon Martin case, you don’t allow someone to incite, solicit, or procure murder.

Your full name: XXXX XXXX
Twitter username: @XXXXXXXX
Email address: XXXXXXX


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