Federal Food Police Hunting Tony the Tiger

The federal government is out of control.  The Constitution, in case you didn’t already know, was written to limit the power and authority of the federal government.  The federal government rarely pays heed to the Constitution anymore unless they can find a twisted way to make it limit the liberties of the citizens of America.

The federal government is involved in auto manufacturing, has taken over the health care industry with an eye to destroying private insurance companies, and has taken over the student loan industry.  It has passed a law banning incandescent light bulbs, and now the federal government wants to kill Tony the Tiger unless the makers of Frosted Flakes change the recipe.

See the full story here.

You know.  I keep looking through the Constitution, and I just don’t see where the federal government has in its 18 authorized duties to poke its nose into manufacturing automobiles, producing food, loaning money, buying mortgages, etc.  The citizens of the U.S.A. are insane if they don’t stand up against unconstitutional laws.   Get loud and protest if necessary.  Your senators and representative should know your name because you contact them often to tell them to vote against this or that unconstitutional bill.

The federal government has its place, its duties.  It has far exceeded the authority granted it in the Constitution.  Subsidiarity.  Remember that word.  States and individuals have most of the authority and rights in the Constitution.  Let’s let states govern their citizens.  Let’s restrain the federal government as our Founders intended.  They were well aware of the consequences of having an unrestrained government.  It leads quickly to tyranny.


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