November 18, 2008 – Abortion: Today’s Slavery

I wrote this in 2008 and believe it to be as valid now as it was then.

Abortion: Today’s Slavery

As slavery was intrinsically evil in its day, so is abortion today. Both are degrading, devalue human worth, and are contrary to the dignity of man. In our Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers acknowledged the inalienable rights endowed to us by our Creator, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Although there were people who were against slavery at the time our Constitution was written, there were not enough of them to prohibit slavery at that time. The best they could do was to establish that, for the determination of the number of representatives a state would have in Congress, slaves would count only as three-fifths of free persons. In this way, the power that slave states would hold in Congress would be reduced. (Many think that counting a slave as three-fifths of a whole person demonstrates that the Founders of our nation were racist at best. It was, in fact, a compromise designed to limit Congressional power of slave states.)

Slavery, intrinsic evil that it is, was abolished in due time. One of the greatest abolitionists who spoke out against slavery was John Quincy Adams. After his presidency, he ran for Congress and was elected. Under the First Amendment, citizens can petition the government for a redress of grievances. Adams would present hundreds of these petitions against slavery in Congress. Despite a gag rule Congress passed as a way to silence him, he continued his duty. Adams continued to voice his opposition to slavery daily, and a growing number of people became convinced that slavery was immoral and violated civil rights. A young, freshman congressman befriended the crotchety, old Adams, who took him under his wing. This congressman ended up losing his seat and lost subsequent bids for the Senate, also. It was not until after the election of President Abraham Lincoln, the former young Congressman, that slaves were finally able to enjoy the right of liberty as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately, John Quincy Adams didn’t live to see the fruit of his labors.

Unbelievably, 110 years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the Supreme Court decided in Roe v. Wade that a woman may take the life of her offspring. This decision is blatantly contrary to our Declaration of Independence in which the Founding Fathers stated we have the right, given by our Creator, to life. Since the right is given to us by our Creator, and not by the government, the government cannot take that right away. Yet, that did, indeed, happen. According to the government, the children of America have no right to live. Abortions are performed right up to the fourth trimester. Yes, some children are born and left to die or are killed (infanticide). If that seems unconscionable to you, your natural instincts are right. So we end one abomination (slavery) and begin another (abortion) that has taken around 50,000,000 lives so far.

Abortion is degrading to women. Many, if not most, times a woman is not even fully informed about the procedure, the dangers, the pain, and the guilt and depression she may suffer after the abortion or options such as adoption. Abortionists do not care. They actively fight laws that require them to fully inform the woman. It is incredibly disrespectful of the abortionist to keep the woman in the dark about what he is about to do to her.

I have listened to women tell me about their abortion experiences. One woman said that she was having second thoughts after entering the procedure room. She had had an abortion once before, and upon entering the room, the horrible memories flooded back: the doctor who didn’t even look at her, the excruciating pain, the sound of the machine as it sucked her baby from her womb. She wanted to leave, but the doctor told her that she was there already, she might as well have the abortion. She got on the table but still wanted to leave. The machine started, and she sat up saying she really wanted to go. The nurse pushed her back down and told her that she’s there, she may as well go through with it. She did. It was just as painful as the first time, and the guilt and mental anguish returned, too. This example shows that abortionists care only for their income. If she had left, the abortionist would have lost money.

Abortion devalues human life. Slaves were oppressed, not given their freedom. With abortion, babies are not even allowed to be born. So one can surmise that a baby’s life is worthless. Well, if a child has no value, what about an adult? At what stage is a person accorded some value? Most Down’s Syndrome babies are aborted. How many healthy children are put to death because the doctor suggested there may be something wrong with them? There have been many cases where a doctor was wrong and the child was born 100% healthy. Even if the baby does have a birth defect, is the child to be loved less? Hated? Scorned? Or killed to put the parents out of their misery? Every person has a right to live.

Abortion is contrary to the dignity of man. Abortion procedures are barbaric. How they can be legal is incomprehensible. Procedures include:

  • suctioning that pulls the fetus (baby) apart and out of the woman
  • pulling fetal (baby) parts out with forceps and crushing the skull to ease removal
  • grabbing a leg with forceps, delivering baby up to the head then jabbing scissors in the base of the skull, spreading them, and suctioning the brain out, which collapses the skull, then removing the baby (partial birth abortion)
  • using saline solution to kill the baby by salt poisoning
  • giving a potassium chloride injection to stop the baby’s heart in case it may survive the abortion and be born alive.

Dismembering a fetus (small baby) and sucking it out of the womb is sickening. There is no dignity for the woman or for the baby in an abortion. In no case is abortion acceptable. No one has a right to kill, especially to kill tiny little babies that depend on us.

Slaves were kidnapped, sold, and beaten. Aborted babies are suctioned or pulled apart, ripped from the womb, and discarded. There is no value or dignity in either situation. Fortunately, slavery was ended long ago. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court decided murder by abortion was acceptable only 35 years ago.

Abortion is as intrinsically evil and immoral as slavery is. Abortion is not a right as some try to claim. Owning slaves was also false right. Our Creator, the recognized source of our rights, did not give mothers the right to kill their children. In fact, we are told, not only in the Ten Commandments but also in the laws of each state, not to kill. Abortion is killing. How our Creator must weep every time a woman takes the life of her child—not just for the child, but also for the woman who committed this injustice.

It took a while for the majority of the people to realize how unacceptable slavery was. People will someday realize how unacceptable abortion is. But during this time, do not remain idle. Tell people, your friends and family, people you meet in the street, how abortion procedures are barbaric and sickening, and completely against the right to life specified in our Declaration of Independence. Write letters to the editor. More importantly, write your senators and congressmen. Write the president. Ask them why babies don’t have the right to life as enunciated in the Declaration of Independence. Get busy in the right-to-life movement ( Be for children what John Quincy Adams was for slaves—a voice, an unrelenting advocate. Speak on their behalf because the only voice they have is yours. Adams believed it was his duty to speak everyday against slavery. Be as committed as he was. Make it your duty to speak out against abortion. You may not see it end in your lifetime, but plant the seeds. Help. Slavery was the accepted scandal in its day. Abortion is the accepted scandal of today.

“I sincerely pray that all the members of the human family may, in the time prescribed by the Father of us all, find themselves securely established in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and happiness.” —Thomas Jefferson, 1807


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