Cast the right vote

Election day is around the corner.

Vote for candidates who respect life. If they don’t respect life, they don’t respect you.

In this country we have the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in that order!  Murder is against the law.  Abortion is premeditated prenatal murder.  No woman has a license to kill her own offspring.  I am appalled that it is legal.  If you don’t know what the abortion procedures are, find out.  Look it up and LOOK AT IT.  Abortion will turn your stomach.  It will sicken you.  Abortion is barbaric!  It is not a human right.  The child has a right to live!  Those who support abortion or infanticide should never be voted into office.  Economy, war…no other issue is as important as life itself.  For without life, there is no other issue.

For those of you who have been opposed to the war on terror, think of this. The total number of troops killed in Iraq over the course of the war is about the same as how many children are aborted every day in America. So if it’s the death that appalls you, redirect your attention and efforts to the pro-life movement.

Vote for candidates who respect marriage. Marriage isn’t a simple contract to obtain a bundle of benefits.  It is the foundation of family and, therefore, society.  It was instituted by God, not by government; therefore, government has no authority to change it.  Marriage has never, since the beginning of time, been between homosexual couples.  If you have the chance to vote for real marriage, vote for it.  Don’t let peer pressure or society pressure you to vote against real marriage and the family.

Do not worry about this world.  Think of the next.  Will your vote offend God?  Think of your eternal soul.  Vote according to God’s will.  Vote as if Jesus is looking over your shoulder.   If you do, and you feel a little guilty about a vote you are about to make, it must be the wrong vote.  Vote on behalf of Jesus.  Vote on behalf of babies in the womb.  Vote on behalf of society at large by protecting marriage from an indecent redefinition.

Vote for good, Christian people.  A person’s character and morals matter more than his policies.  A decent man will have decent policies.  A bad man will sell his office, his votes, and his country for his own gain.

Vote in favor of life and real marriage.


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